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5 Minute Statements

Deliver professionally printed documents saving you time and money every month. You can eliminate printing, folding, stuffing, sealing, stamping, mailing, and troubleshooting. BillFlash makes it easy for you to obtain industry leading statements and other documents.


Save Time - Completely process your statements in under 5 minutes

Save Money - Virtually eliminate document creation labor expenses, Reduce fixed production and mailing costs, Eliminate inventory management expenses, Decrease equipment acquisition and maintenance costs

Improve Cash Flow - Professional designs and return coupons/envelopes drive payments

Increase Productivity - Reallocate staff time and office equipment to higher value uses

Enhance Quality and Maintain Control - Professional, high quality statements, with Online Document Management with 100% delivery accuracy

Providers and Insurance Companies Win - Provider eliminates paper and Insurance receives professional statement

Advanced Features

Online Document Management Controls, e-Approve - REVIEW, APPROVE or REJECT uploaded files, Delete Single Documents and Modify Messages, e-View - VIEW and PRINT 12 months of mailed documents, Address Updating Service (“NCOA Link”)

How Does BillFlash Work?

1. You upload your existing business software's statement file to BillFlash through your internet browser 24x7. You're done in 5 minutes!

2. We produce your statements at one of our regionally located, state of the art processing centers.

3. We mail your statements through the US Postal Service by the next business day.

4. Insurance Companies receive timely, high quality statements in their mailboxes.

Complete this request for further information and return to our office via fax (513) 893-9888