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Lytec Mobile a free application for the iPad, iPad mini, iTouch and iPhone, and Lytec 2013!


Lytec is about increasing cash flow, improving patient service and cost-effectively running your practice. Valued by Physicians, Office Managers, and Billing Services, providing an affordable, reliable solution that improves office productivity reduces account receivables. Lytec works hard for your money!

Lytec may appear to be like any other run of the mill practice management system that offers scheduling, billing management reporting tools to medical practices; but initial impressions rarely tell all of the facts.

A closer look at Lytec reveals incredible product synergy within the software – providing a common objective to practices, delivering more tools, flexibility and commitment. This is what earns Lytec recognition as a leader in the practice management industry with over 30,000 physicians utilizing this comprehensive product today.

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 The business side of medicine is complex and physicians are financially stressed in every way possible today.

Practices using Lytec benefit from data access and powerful management capabilities that facilitate intelligent and logical decision-making processes. Lytec continually improves, maintaining the reputation of one of the most robust, flexible systems in the outpatient healthcare market. Lytec has the power to meet the most critical challenges facing healthcare providers today resulting in improved cash flow, reduced denials and enhanced productivity.

Lytec provides everything from comprehensive billing, to scheduling, delivering accounts receivable management, automatic recall tracking, document scanning, tremendous security, and much more.