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HL7 "Bridging The Gap" For Interoperability

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What is HL7?- Bridging Technology Together

HL7 – Listens for incoming messages and immediately forwards and/or receives data through a designated port(s), offering optimal solutions for hospital(s), labs, facilities, PACS systems and billing systems sending and/ or receiving data.

Our scope of work spans across all healthcare programming needs for HL7 interface bridging!

Bridging LytecPMS To MedStrat PACS ...S2S DigiConnect

Bridging The HL7 Way
Demographics and Scheduling
From: PMS Demographics and Scheduling, Transcription Companies, Hospitals, Labs, EMR

Lab, Radiology, Pathology, Transcription
                    To: E.H.R, PACS Server, Hospital Transcription, State Registries, Community Health Information Exchanges

The powerful bridging of HL7 demographics feeds to a network central PACS server that provides connectivity to all DICOM modalities (CT, MR, CR, DX, US, etc.).

DigiConnect health information exchanges in the healthcare community.

Bridge To Healthcare Community...HealthBridge

We have successfully created a powerful HL7 compliant interface allowing our clients to have labs, radiology and transcription delivered directly into their Pending labs folder for review in EMR. HealthBridge is one of the nation's largest and most successful community health information exchanges and is recognized as a leader in connecting healthcare providers. As a a trusted third party, HealthBridge works with all participating healthcare stakeholders to facilitate creation of an integrated and interoperable community healthcare system and provides connectivity for 29 hospitals, more than 4400 physician users, 17 local health departments, dozens of physician offices and clinics, as well as nursing homes, independent labs, radiology centers and others in the healthcare community.

HL7 Bridge...EMR Medinotes e with Lytec Medical

Demographics and Scheduling sent from Lytec Medical; Lab, Radiology, Transcription received from HealthBridge community network into EMR

Transcription HL7 Bridge To Georgia Central Hospitals' Cerner EMR...

Software To Systems and DWT help physicians adopt and implement EMR by partnering together transcription, HL7 and EMR as ONE solution, through technology described as “discrete data transcription“ ...more

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