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ICD-10 Planning Project:

Start Your Transition Checklist Today:  "October 2014 is Closer Than You Think"

ICD-ICD10: What it means to you!
There is a lot of information about ICD-10 out there, probably too much!
The scope of the impact will vary based on an individual’s job role and specialty.

BUT, The early bird catches the worm!

AND, Those Who Fail To Plan… Plan To Fail!
You can wait until next October and then our first conversion will be about your financial shortages related to cash flow. Then we will need to create a timeline for training your entire staff, including clinicians, administrative staff, billers and coders. Next we will have to talk about how many patients you can realistically see while you are figuring out correct documentation demands. See the picture!

It’s easy to get overwhelmed. Planning, systems and processes will turn your ICD10 conversion project into a smooth implementation! Now is the time for your practice to get started on ICD-10 strategic planning!

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