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Dynamic Processing Technology (Discrete Reportable Transcription) - synchronize data across patient charts. Doctors can continue dictating (if they so desire) the patient visit with no change whatsoever to the way that they are currently practicing medicine. A DRT enabled EHR takes transcribed output and enters it directly into the patient’s clinical chart as discrete recordable data, meaning the documentation can be queried for statistics, graphing, reporting and contributes to a “Full EHR” system!

Studies reveal that template based charting could distract from important cognitive workflow for providing care, thus limiting thoughtful review and analysis. DRT allows practices to view clinical data without giving up “narrative dictation”.

According to research, the top two reasons that EMR adoption and implementation are no further along - COST and DISRUPTION OF THE PRACTICE

There IS a solution! Synchronize transcription with electronic medical records, along with  project planning, team involvement, a strong support system for guidance and training will result in a “phased in” approach and successfully implementation. Physicians reap all the benefits of an efficient way to run the clinical side of the patient visit while continuing their current methods of practicing medicine! Other benefits include staff having access to the clinical chart, improved / integrated clinical documentation, coding, reporting to create graphs, outcome reports, historical information, track health maintenance, view current medications and much more.

Physicians can continue to dictate in their current charting style with Discrete Recordable Data. 
Other options to choose from are Transcription, Speech Recognition, Templates and Keyboarding.

Charting Styles

Transcribed output is entered directly into the EHR as discrete recordable data,

allowing physicians to practice medicine and interact with patients without disruptive changes.

How can I still qualify for EHR Meaningful Use Stimulus without changing the way I practice medicine?
 Discrete Recordable Transcription "FAQ's"

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